Tubbs Brothers Discount Pricing

Why our used car prices are so low.

Chances are good that our low used car prices brought you here.  Like many of our customers, you may have been watching a vehicle in our inventory and you've seen the price change from one day to the next.  You may have even seen prices go up as well as down.  It's not uncommon for us to receive calls when we adjust the price of a vehicle.   

Why do we adjust our prices?  Well, the simple truth is that the market price of a vehicle will fluctuate based on market conditions including supply, fuel prices, seasonal demand, geographic location as well as a multitude of other factors.  At Tubbs Brothers, we use sophisticated technology to monitor market changes and we continually adjust our prices to provide our customers the absolute best value at the time of purchase.  This technology allows us to offer our customers prices they can trust to be fair on every vehicle.  Because our prices are market based, you don't have to count on your negotiation skills to get you a great deal; we've already compared prices for you!  We'll even show you the present market and how our prices compare to other dealers.  

Of course, because we price our vehicles below market value right from the start, we are generally unable to discount the vehicle any further.  For the same reason, we won't be able to offer you more than your trade is actually worth. However, we will buy your trade from you at the trade value we offered you because we are offering you its actual trade value.  See if other dealers will promise you that.  If someone offers you thousands more than what something is worth, or gives you thousands off an asking price, ask yourself how and/or why are they doing that?  Wouldn't you prefer honest pricing right from the start?

One final thing, a low price doesn't mean anything if the vehicle isn't reliable and trouble free.  At Tubbs Brothers every vehicle goes through a rigorous inspection and reconditioning process performed by our certified technicians and skilled detailers.  We check each and every vehicle, make necessary repairs, change and top off fluids and filters then scrub and polish them inside and out before offering them to our customers.  

So, if  you want a great deal on a quality used car you've come to the right place!


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