Mustang Sally

As a 2 year old girl, I loved cars.  Most especially, I loved the Mustang and everything Ford.  Growing up, I worshiped everything Ford and from a young age, tried to contact headquarters.  I still hold a dream of some day working in Marketing for the Ford family.  

In the meantime, I held a red Mustang convertible as a dream car in my mind.  Growing up with just my mom without any support from my dad, I grew up early and knew I was going to work hard, especially when buying my first car – which I knew would not be a Mustang!  However, on my 17th birthday, my dad surprised me with a red convertible!  At just a year old, this pony was beautiful!  After finally accepting the gift (I felt too spoiled but realized after not being there for me, my dad was trying), I fell even more in love with her.  Since my nickname was Mustang Sally, I named her Sally.  

Even after the worst of days, I would drop the top and cruise, changing my mood instantly.  As the daughter of a mechanic and taking excellent care of it, even at 8 years old, the car had extremely low mileage and was in impeccable shape. However, as I began a career and thought about marriage, my grandfather pointed out that it may not be practical any longer.  Eventually, I bought an Edge (which I too love).  I was able to sell Sally to my old next door neighbor who just turned 17 as well who I knew would give Sally a new home (she even calls her Sally still).  

To this day when I visit my mom, I see her every time and even put a bow on the grill at Christmas time.  When I got married almost 2 years ago, I had to make sure I got a picture with my first driven!  Before we got into the 1963 Rolls Royce, I ran over to Sally in my heavy white gown and got my picture taken with her – the neighbors made sure the top was down of course!  My wedding photographer may have been arrested twice but I got that memory and a picture!  

Sally is an amazing first car and gave me so many memories and I hope some day to have another one that I can love as much as her again.  In the meantime, Ed and other Fords will always do.  What can I say…I will always be a Ford girl (and I have the license plate to prove it)!   


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